International Racer is now offering international alpine athletes the opportunity to join a dedicated and high volume slalom camp in Sweden, perfect for developing and refining skill for the upcoming winter. The purpose of having a single discipline camp is to allow the athlete to acquire, pattern and master the skills required to progress over a uninterrupted period. Note that there will be opportunities for GS training. Font change. For those athletes looking for a head start to the FIS race season IR also offers a number of fantastic FIS starts within the local region.

Kabdalis is a world class training center home to the Swedish, Austrian, German and Italian Europa Cup and World Cup teams (men & women) , as well as a number of other teams from around the world. Thanks to our close ties with the ski resort IR has absolute priority and complete flexibility over training times, and as such are able to design training days in the most beneficial ways for attending athletes:

Our Operational Director Luc Pelletier and Athletic Director Jeff Books have designed our programs based on their combined 30+ years of coaching experience in Europe , Canada , Chile and Australia/New Zealand .

International Racers programs are a systematic approach to skill and tactical development with proven results. 

International Racer coaches believe in building fit, strong athletes and developing accurate alpine skills, tactics, muscle memory and mental toughness in order to realize ones maximum potential.

Our Sweden program is:

• A high volume SL camp for serious athletes
• Focused on long term development…no short cuts
• A holistic program focused on the development of the whole athlete

We manage all the logistics to enable our athletes to maximize their training.


•    Priority access to training space
•    Variety of terrain ideal for skill development and pre-season training.
•    Access to injected lanes for both SL and GS
•    Ski in ski out accommodation
•    Dedicated tuning room
•    Access to early FIS races within the region
•    Opportunity to train beside the best in the world
•    Full pension
•    No driving
•    Unlimited training availability

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Where is the Camp

Kabdalis, Sweden

• 30km south of the Arctic Circle in the Nordbotten region of Sweden
• Altitude: 465m
• Latitude: 66.15 / 66° 9' 0.0"
• Longitude: 19.9833333 / 19° 58' 59.9982“
• Kabdalis is the November training home of the Swedish Europa Cup and World Cup teams (men & women) , as well as a number of other teams from around the world

Training Focus

The focus of the Kabdalis Sweden camp is on the development, patterning, and mastering of the technical and tactical skills for Slalom within brushes, stubbies and gates

Once mastered our goal is to then sequence your skills from
brushes and stubbies into a combination of regular gate corridors and a-rhythmical sets.


Camp Conditions


  • Professional coaching

  • Kabdalis mountain lift access

  • Ground transportation From Lulea Airport (set days only)

  • Ground transportation To Lulea Airport (set days only)

  • End of program report card

  • Daily video analysis of skiing/gates progression

  • Daily technical talks

  • Afternoon dry land will be scheduled daily.

  • Our logistics and management of camp

  • Airport Transportation (Set days)

  • Access to tuning work space

  • Equipment tuning advice and race tuning assistance

  • Timed runs for time and technique improvement feedback

  • Lane space costs required by Host Mountain

  • Coaches fees and costs

  • Logistics management

  • Wireless Internet access


Camp fees do not include the following: Airfare, Airport Transfer Costs, Passport/Visa Costs, Beverages, Telephone, Internet Costs, Laundry, Medical Insurance, Racer Insurance, Travel Insurance, Demo Skis, Personal Ski Equipment, Ski Consumables, Racer Registration Costs or Race entry Fees, Sightseeing Costs, Entry to World Cup events, Snack Foods, Personal equipment, hired, lost. stolen or broken, Costs caused by weather, Force Majeure or conditions beyond the control of the tour operator International Racer, or its principles or agents.



7:30am – wake up
7:45am – pre hab (pillar prep)
8:15am – breakfast
9:15am – session 1
12:30pm – lunch
1:15pm – session 2
5:00pm – physical training / or on snow
6:30pm – dinner
7:30pm – video
9:00pm – lights out

** 3rd on snow session where possible

• Snow: focus on 3x phase progression focussed on the foundational elements of slalom. Quality quantity is the goal…we are looking to have as much volume as possible (3x sessions a day where possible)

• Physical training: content and workload built around key areas (pre hab – movement skills – pillar (core) strength – balance – agility & coordination – strength& power) . During a high volume project such as this, maintenance is the name of the game.


In true Scandinavian fashion, the accommodation is quaint and practically

  • Self contained units

  • Single gender accommodation (girls w. girls / boys w. boys)

  • Ski tuning room

  • TV

  • Internet

  • Linen and towels

  • Restaurant

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included


All meals are buffet style with the emphasis on athlete nutrition.
All meals are prepared by Karloene Restaurant.

Breakfast – 7x days per week
• Served for IR athletes in ‘Karloene’ restaurant Lunch - 7x days per week

Lunch – 7x days per week
• Buffet style meal - choice of hot and cold foods

Dinner – 7x days per week
• A variety of hearty and healthy meals
• The team gathers in ‘Karleone’ for dinner
• Please be sure that you have identified any food allergies on the enrolment form

Meals not included during travel and at races


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