International Racer is now offering international alpine athletes the opportunity to join a dedicated and high volume training camp in Sweden, perfect for developing and refining skill for the upcoming winter. For those athletes looking for a head start to the FIS race season IR also offers a number of fantastic FIS starts within the local region.

Kabdalis is a world class training center home to the Swedish, Austrian, German and Italian Europa Cup and World Cup teams (men & women) , as well as a number of other teams from around the world. Thanks to our close ties with the ski resort IR has absolute priority and complete flexibility over training times, and as such are able to design training days in the most beneficial ways for attending athletes:

COVID 19 disclaimer :

Please note that the details below may be adjusted based on the COVID 19 pandemic.   


For 2020, we run 2 unique projects for youth and FIS athletes;


Youth program dates

  • Camp 1 : November 2- 23  

  • Super Camp : November 2 – December 14


FIS program dates

  • Camp 1 : November 2- 23  

  • Super Camp : November 2 – December 14

We have the right set up in Sweden to provide athletes with a transformational training experience that will deliver lasting skill development, consistent performance and personal growth. 

We know that quality execution of the basics wins ski races – and we know that quality logistics are key to a productive training camp.  We look after all aspects of your stay to ensure that you are able to direct your energy to your development.

Ski in ski out accommodation – high quality meal plan (buffet style, as much as you can eat) - innovative program design (including physical training) - flexible training schedule – injected lanes – private tuning rooms –– world class coaching and tons of video…everything that you need for the final prep leading into the season. 

Our Quality Control Manager Martin Kitzenegger, Operations Director Luc Pelletier and Athletics Director Jeff Books have designed our programs based on their combined 70+ years of coaching experience in Scandinavia, central Europe, North America, Chile and New Zealand - Australia.  Our system is based on a wholistic and systematic approach to personal, and sport skill development with proven results.


If you’re ready to do the work, and commit to our culture, then we’re ready to welcome you to the International Racer family. It’s a long road to the best – we’ll help you fuel the tank to get there. 


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Where is the Camp

Kabdalis Ski Resort, Sweden

• 30km south of the Arctic Circle in the Nordbotten region of Sweden
• Altitude: 465m
• Latitude: 66.15 / 66° 9' 0.0"
• Longitude: 19.9833333 / 19° 58' 59.9982“
• Kabdalis is the November training home of the Swedish Europa Cup and World Cup teams (men & women) , as well as a number of other teams from around the world

Why join us in Sweden?

  • Service & hospitality…the Gunnarstedt family make it tough to leave – everyone is instantly part of the family at Kabdalis.   

  • Early snow…Amongst the earliest and most reliable autumn training venue in Europe on man made snow.  A well considered snow farming program, modern snow making infrastructure, and a commitment to open as early as possible combine to make Kabdalis an excellent choice for early season training

  • Injection…Consistent access to injected surface on multiple training lanes 

  • Ski in - ski out accommodation…ski in – ski out accommodation is always awesome

  • Food…the food @ Kabdalis is incredible – breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets featuring healthy and hearty cuisine, ask anyone who’s been there – the food is awesome

  • Volume…Low altitude (570m) and fast turnaround combine for big volume possibilities (+ no lift lines)

  • Weather…northern Sweden typically has a stable weather pattern in the autumn. 

  • Terrain…Access to a variety of terrain including flat, moderate and steep terrain

  • Benchmarking & environment…well known training venue for national teams from around the world including the Austrian, Swedish, German, Italian, Norwegian and Swiss world cup teams

  • Races…early season FIS races including 4 starts @ Kabdalis with other starts accessible in <3 hour drive

  • Culture…immersion into northern Swedish culture – the Swedes are definitely amongst the friendliest people anywhere 



We are a highly motivated, detailed and passionate coaching team made up of full time coaching professionals with years of experience at all stages of the athletic pathway.  We have deep industry knowledge and global connections.  

We absolutely love what we do! 

The coaching team for Sweden 2020 :

  1. Martin Kitzenegger – Austria – with the team since 2013

  2. Daniel Sanz (Spain) : with the team since 2020

  3. Luc Pelletier (Canada) : with the team since 2005

  4. Jeff Books (Canada) : with the team since 2008





The program for the Sweden project is designed to develop the foundational aspects of SL & GS in technical skiing, drill courses & gate training environments.  Like most, we believe that strong fundamentals are key to success, at all stages;

  • We believe in developing technical mastery using proven (& constantly refining) progressions

  • We are focussed on long term athletic development – there are no shortcuts

  • We believe that a good athlete can do anything in any situation

  • We believe in a high volume of intelligent programming to effectively use the available time, develop well rounded and versatile athletes while minimizing the risk of burn out

  • We believe in doing the right things in the right amounts to maximize skill learning, retention and transfer to competition



The physical training program is designed to push as hard as possible without compromising the quality of on snow training, while optimizing the training for the age, stage and competency of the individual athlete.    The physical training program is designed around 4 primary chunks;

  • Pre-hab

  • Movement prep

  • Physical training

  • Recovery – regeneration




7:30am – wake up
7:45am – pre hab (pillar prep)
8:15am – breakfast
9:15am – session 1
12:30pm – lunch
1:15pm – session 2
5:00pm – physical training / or on snow
6:30pm – dinner
7:30pm – video
9:00pm – lights out

** 3rd on snow session where possible

• Snow: focus on 3x phase progression focussed on the foundational elements of slalom. Quality quantity is the goal…we are looking to have as much volume as possible (3x sessions a day where possible)

• Physical training: content and workload built around key areas (pre hab – movement skills – pillar (core) strength – balance – agility & coordination – strength& power) . During a high volume project such as this, maintenance is the name of the game.

Training stadium

  • 20+ training lanes

  • Full length SL & GS training – 45 second Super G

  • All day access to training lanes

  • Injected surface and man made snow on all lanes

  • Fast turnaround

  • Winter snow conditions with favorable northern exposure

  • Terrain…Kabdalis has an abundance of what most coaches would refer to as learning terrain, as well as more challenging and steep terrain

  • Stable weather pattern and northern exposure combine for consistently good training all day long, even on the warmest days

  • Vertical drop : 250m

World Cup teams come back to Kabdalis year in year out for good reason.  Thanks to a close working relationship with the resort, we have priority and complete flexibility over training times, and as such are able to design training days in the most beneficial ways for attending athletes. 


In true Scandinavian fashion, the accommodation is quaint and practically designed.

  • Self contained units

  • Single gender accommodation (girls w. girls / boys w. boys)

  • Ski tuning room

  • TV

  • Internet

  • Linen and towels

  • Restaurant

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

All meals are buffet style with the emphasis on athlete nutrition.
All meals are prepared by Karloene Restaurant.

Breakfast – 7x days per week
• Served for IR athletes in ‘Karloene’ restaurant Lunch - 7x days per week

Lunch – 7x days per week
• Buffet style meal - choice of hot and cold foods

Dinner – 7x days per week
• A variety of hearty and healthy meals
• The team gathers in ‘Karleone’ for dinner
• Please be sure that you have identified any food allergies on the enrolment form

Meals not included during travel and at races


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