International Racer grew out of a simple belief – we aim to provide athletes with the best possible training opportunities at the best possible locations.  

We exist to help athletes be their best.  We measure success in personal growth, athletic development, fist pumps and speed.

If you’re ready to do the work and commit to our culture, then we’re ready to welcome you to the International Racer family. It’s a long road to your best – we’ll help you fuel the tank to get there. We train at the right places at the right times to provide the right opportunities while providing world-class staff and program design.  We have the right set up in New Zealand to provide athletes with a transformational training experience that will deliver lasting skill development.  We thank you for your interest in our program, please check out the information below for an overview of the New Zealand operations for 2020


Racing is an available part of the program at all levels. We believe New Zealand offers the right mix of training conditions for effective tech progression and gives athletes the opportunity to participate in quality races with generally deep international fields. Development need, train to race ratio, injury considerations & competitive aspirations are the primary guiding variables for all race selection. 


We run 4 unique projects for youth and FIS athletes starting in late June and wrapping up in late September.

Youth dates

  •     Camp 1 : June 27 – July 11 (2 weeks) @ Roundhill & Mt Dobson
  •     Camp 2 : July 18 – August 9 (3 weeks) @ Roundhill & Coronet Peak
  •     Camp 3 : August 8 – 29 (3 weeks) @ Roundhill & Coronet Peak
  •     Camp 4 : September 12 – 26 (2 weeks) @ Coronet Peak

FIS group dates
  •     Camp 1 : June 27 – July 18 (3 weeks) @ Roundhill & Mt Dobson
  •     Camp 2 : July 18 – August 8 (3 weeks) @ Roundhill & Coronet Peak
  •     Camp 2 + : July 18 – August 14 (4 weeks) @ Roundhill & Coronet Peak
  •     Camp 3 : August 14 – 29 (2 weeks) @ Roundhill
  •     Camp 3 + : August 14 – September 5 (3 weeks) @ Roundhill & Coronet Peak
  •     Camp 4 : September 12 – 26 (2 weeks) @ Coronet Peak
We believe that New Zealand is the perfect environment for productive summer training and racing.
1. Professional coaching…experienced & passionate coaches giving loads of individual attention based on a clear individual game plan.
2. Venues…world class training venues at low altitudes - low enough that thin air is not a problem, high enough that snow is consistent and predictable
3. Snow…reliable winter snow conditions + access to watered lanes and the ability to prepare our training slopes   
4. Weather…predictably good weather
5. Terrain…from flat to medium consistent terrain @ Round Hill to varied & steep terrain @ Coronet Peak.  We train on the right terrain each for phase of the progression.
6. Racing…access to high quality youth & FIS races   
7. Volume…surface lifts at all of our chosen venues make for high volume and efficient training sessions
8. Physical training…3x daily physical training sessions per day (pre-hab, movement prep and post skiing physical training)
9. Bench marking…New Zealand has a strong international presence. Train and race along-side elite athletes from around the world.  At our training bases one can expect to see national teams from around the globe, as well as strong club & regional teams from all over
10. Culture…the IR culture is based on respect, work ethic and an understanding of what it takes to be successful on the hill, and most importantly in life. The New Zealand culture is unique…they are definitely among the friendliest, accommodating and laid back people around

Roundhill, Coronet Peak & Mt Dobson…we believe that this line up of bases provides our athletes with the best possible training in New Zealand, based on what we feel to be the most important variables; 

  • Terrain : variety of terrain at all venues 

  • Surface : prepared surfaces at Round Hill and Coronet Peak, with the ability to prepare at Dobson as required

  • Reliable weather : stable weather at all venues

  • Low altitude : low enough that the challenges associated with being at 3000’s + aren’t an issue, but high enough to have consistent snow

  • Central locations : both Tekapo and Queenstown are well situated, with close proximity to the international airports at Queenstown and Christchurch

  • Flexible management : great management teams at all venues  

  • Turnaround – training volume : all venues have t bars…optimal for efficient training sessions

  • Benchmarking – national team athletes from around the globe train at Round Hill & Coronet Peak (Dobson is a little quieter…the secret’s not out on Dobson yet)


  • Roundhill is our New Zealand headquarters.  Roundhill is best known for its medium consistent terrain.  Roundhill has the terrain, turnaround, surface, weather & access to space needed to get the summer work done. World Cup teams come back year after year for good reason. 

  • Mt Dobson has 5 training lanes including a speed track, a speedy t bar, the highest elevation in New Zealand and a very friendly and accommodating management team.   We love training at Mt Dobson (or Dobo as the locals call it).  Mt Dobson Mt Dobson is located one valley over from Round Hill.   We train at Mt Dobson most in the early and late season, and during the mid season as required.

  • Coronet Peak is best known for its roller coaster steep terrain, prepared surfaces, stable weather, fast turn around on the t bar and located in ‘Queenstown’, the adventure capital of New Zealand…what more can we say?    Coronet Peak provides us with a super challenging and high quality training experience.  This is amongst the most challenging training arenas that you will find anywhere.


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  • Professional alpine race training in SL & GS (Speed on set Camps)

  • Accommodation & meals, with internet access in training accommodation

  • Breakfast and lunch daily, Dinner provided 6 nights in-house (athletes eat out 1 night per week)

  • 24-7 supervision

  • Ground transportation to/from Christchurch or Queenstown airport (set days only)

  • Transport to all training areas

  • Program end training report

  • Daily video analysis

  • Daily physical training

  • Our logistics and management of camp

  • Hire / use of Group Transport Vehicle, Hire / provision of support vehicles

  • Coaches fees and costs

  • Cover for gates and breakages

  • All petrol costs for daily training (* additional fuel costs may be required for away trips)

  • Park and road tolls

  • Training lane fees & lift tickets

  • Airfare

  • Travel and competition insurance

  • Non scheduled airport pick up or delivery

  • International Competition License (ICL)

  • All costs for away races or events

  • Snack food

  • Personal spending money or Personal equipment purchase

  • Extra curricular activities

  • Conditioning activities delivered by external program providers


General Schedule


  • Session 1 - Pre-hab, followed by breakfast

  • Session 2 - Movement prep
  • Session 3 - On snow training (morning/afternoon)

  • Session 4 - Physical training / recovery – regeneration

  • Session 5 - Video review

On Snow

  • 5 days on snow per week. (Flexible across the 7 days) 

  • 30-35+ hours of on snow training per week

  • 10+ on snow sessions (2-3 sessions per day on most training days)

  •  1 session as needed for unloading, fatigue, weather etc.)

Physical training


  • 8 - 12 hours of physical training per week

  • Daily injury prevention & movement skills sessions

  • 6+ specific strength & conditioning sessions

  • Once weekly dedicated physical training day (based on 5 day on snow week)

  • 1-2 specific regeneration sessions (including yoga & other recovery focused activities)

School and Supervision

  • Study hall provided as needed

  • Supervision, Pastoral care, provided 24 hours of the day

  • Daily sleep/room curfew, with sign off.