IR is an independent alpine ski racing organization that supports the ambition of athletes who want to take it to the next level.

We run programs in 4 countries on 3 continents.  

  • Canada (Nakiska – Norquay) from December to May (Winter)
  • New Zealand (Round Hill – Mt Hutt) July to September (Summer)
  • Austria (Stubai) in October (Fall)
  • Sweden (Kabdalis) in November (Fall)

We choose the best venues at the right times of the year to provide flexible and effective year round training solutions for athletes from around the globe.

Getting better

  • This is what the journey is all about…becoming a great athlete and an even better person (* a quote borrowed from our good friend Jason ‘Lap’ Lapierre)
  • Our mission is to empower you & improve your performance
  • We move you to new places
  • At IR we do things differently

International Racer has embraced a goal to develop top-level training programs and train athletes at competitive facilities in Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. We undertake to provide a permanent predictable operation so "ski racers" can access elite level training.

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Serious athletes choose IR because we train at world class venues with coaches who;  

  • Push athletes to the next level
  • Are industry accredited to the highest levels
  • Have international experience
  • Are focused on the whole athlete
  • Have established logistic networks in multiple countries


Canada Academy

Year round program designed around the development of the complete student athlete focusing on foundational pillars (scholastic, mental, social, mind, knowledge, physical, technical, tactical)

Whistler Cup

Whistler Cup is an important race for junior athletes and sponsors not only in the US and Canada, but around the world.

New Zealand Race

Round Hill, New Zealand is the perfect training stadium to develop and refine skils and a great staging point to access a variety of competitive FIS and Continental cup races

Private Coaching

IR works with athletes who want dedicated one on one coaching to achieve their goals. Whether,  World/Europa cup or FIS level athlete. IR is able to breakdown the issues holding and athlete back and provide real solutions to help bridge the gap.

Sweden Race

Kabdalis is the November training home of the Swedish and Austrian Europa Cup and World Cup teams (men & women) , as well as a number of other teams from around the world.

Europe Race

Short block training and race during the northern winter, based in Italy and Austria, join the team for an intense Europe introduction

Athlete 360

We offer a relevant and innovative program designed around a proven and constantly refining curriculum.  The IR environment is focussed, structured, challenging and encouraging.  The IR culture is based on respect, work ethic and an understanding of what it takes to be successful on the hill, in the classroom, and most importantly in life.  We are focused on the whole athlete.  We leave nothing to chance in an effort to engage athletes and lead them towards their very best.

Program goals

  • Improve Performance…increase productivity and understanding
  • Decrease injury potential…increase durability & maximize on hill opportunities
  • Increase motivation…go all in with full engagement  
  • Develop a practical plan…strategies for success
  • Create a balanced lifestyle…find the right life – sport balance for you
  • Develop long term relationship…athlete management is vital, we’re in it for the long haul 

Focus on you

We design individual game plans for you and your goals; Together, it is our responsibility to find the most efficient and practical path to improved and sustainable performance

Where ever you are

Regardless of your context, we can help you get to the next step

  • We work with athletes at all levels
  • We’ll find the solution no matter who you are, what your context is, or where you’re located

System based approach

The IR system is designed to build the foundational mindset, athletic and technical – tactical skills that will hold up in the most demanding situations.   We believe;

  • That a growth mindset provides the foundation for success in sport & life
  • That strong character development and accountability are keys to growth
  • In durability…you’re never going to be fast watching from the sidelines. We believe in developing the flexibility, mobility, strength, power & movement skills needed to keep you on the hill and performing your best, day in day out.   
  • In finding practical and lasting solutions to athletic and scholastic development
  • That athleticism is key to long term success…you must be a ripping athlete to ski fast
  • That a good athlete can do anything anywhere, and on any snow surface